Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peculiar goings on at Blogger

This post is a short apology. Somehow yesterday a post I part-wrote in September - left in draft and never finished - got circulated to my email list by blogger/feedburner. It had spelling mistakes in it (it was a draft) but nobody picked up that the email was dated several months ago. People did email me about the spelling mistakes.

It mentioned solar panel prices. They are much lower now.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the incorrectly dated and priced objects.


PS. About half the posts I write wind up never being sent - all sorts of reasons. I guess I got to be careful with the old ones.



Late Night Pedant said...

"I guess I got to be careful" - is this another accidental post?

"Cassandra" said...

I sympathize. My Posts box is stuffed with aborted, half or three-quarter-baked posts. As a consolation, they do provide a nice and accurate of one's opinions through time.

As for the weirdness you describe, there is all manner of such behaviour. When occasionally I review the inbound stats, there has been an increasing preponderance of weird referrers - referrers that google is likely charging for - i.e. a known back door directly into the eyes of blog admins - that couldn't possibly have generated a page view. It a bit creepy actually.

Best rgds


Anonymous said...

If you're seeing something peculiar going on, the FIRST thing I would suggest is changing your password immediately, to both this site and your email address.

Also, please ensure that you don't reuse your password for other sites, since there has been a rash of email/username/password hacks based on stealing usernames and passwords from less secure sites, and using them on more secure sites.

John Hempton said...

The password uses google authenticator - so should be hard to crack.


Anonymous said...

How about some more posts, there are a lot of very interesting things going on in the world right now.

Anonymous said...

Solar Millennium Drops Most Ever After Insolvency Filing (1)
2011-12-21 18:30:24.722 GMT

    (Updates with insolvency details in fifth paragraph.)

By Stefan Nicola
    Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Solar Millennium AG plunged by a
record in Frankfurt trading after becoming the second publicly
traded German solar company to file for insolvency.
    The shares slumped 59 percent to 45 euro cents, the biggest
drop and the lowest price since its listing in 2005. The stock
has lost 98 percent this year, reducing market value to 5.6
million euros ($7.3 million).
    The filing cited slow progress in selling U.S. projects and
a failure to reach an agreement to bring in investors to the
Ibersol project in Spain, the company said in a statement.
    “Both transactions would have generated funds beyond the
current need for liquidity which would have laid the foundation
for a further development of the company,” Erlangen-based Solar
Millennium said.
    Today’s announcement follows a similar move by German solar
panel maker Solon SE last week. The country’s solar energy
companies, including Q-Cells SE and Conergy AG, are struggling
with rising foreign competition including from China as demand
ebbs in Germany, the biggest photovoltaic market.

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