Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Musical Chairs

The music has stopped.

Blackberry is standing up.

There are no chairs left.


Anonymous said...

You're saying Yahoo isn't gonna buy a device maker?

Letitride2 said...

Nokia had the smartphone business in the "palm" of their hands, a monopoly and their lack of innovation blew it. Now MSFT is buying another dog. What a waste of MSFT "shareholder" money. Then again anyone owning that value trap never heard of Kodak or the like.

Tyler said...

Analysts will swoon:

"Blackberry is still in play!"

A rally to short.

Anonymous said...

msft was always paired w nok though, never a legitimate chance that they bought bbry, though there are plenty of other candidates reminaing who could be a stretch but not a surprise

Anonymous said...

and Vodafone???

Saj Karsan said...

Must be nice to know things with such certainty!

John Hempton said...

I have no position in Blackberry. The last time I had one was short- 65 dollars to 35 on the way down.

Covered too early.

In those days Microsoft might have paid $30 a share for the company.

No more. No need.

Tony H said...

I didn't realize they still were in play

Anonymous said...

Pity poor Fairfax.

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