Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gulfport Energy's (GPOR) guidance

Dear Investor (sucker):

We will be producing far less oil…but only after spending far more of your dollars (that you kindly provided for us in that last stock offering that we consummated on the original unrealistic but safe-harbor-protected assumptions.) 

Sorry to disappoint, but thanks a billion (or two).


Ye Oklahoma City Boys

Link: First Quarter results


Anonymous said...

Does not look like a terrible quarter to me. What is the analysis behind your statement?

geert said...

Anyone cares to explain to me the Management Comments paragraph.
I don't have a clue what he's talking about.

Many fracking companies are the obvious shorts but I'm struggling with the timing. Do I follow Hughes, Bernan and others and take 2016 -2017 as the year of truth or the EIA and IEA and will it be 2020-2022, or will the market react earlier?

geert said...

But the miracle of fracking is still in the works
Looks like propaganda to me.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda ?
Your link mentions EOG. Their
stockholders up 1000% last 10 years in would disagree.

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