Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In 2014 the New York Times has gone off line becoming a print-only newsletter for the elite and the elderly

A decade ago Robin Sloan and Matt Thomson made a cheap flash movie on a simple premise. The movie was a production of the Museum of Media History, was made in 2014 and had dropped to the year 2004 through a wormhole in time.

I guess you could think of it as predictive (though Robin Sloan specifically disavowed that).

Some of it is surprisingly good. Some less so. They seem to think that Friendster and not Facebook was what would matter. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Hi John, I just found your blog from Glenn Chan's website. Thank you for writing.

Anyway, if I was a loudmouth lawyer sitting next to you on a train picking stocks with graphs, what would be the staid blue chip you would recommend?

I am not stupid enough to not listen to you.

Plus, I love reading about Kerr Neilson-the internet is remarkable.

John Hempton said...

My favorite boring long: Verizon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link.

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